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Jogidas Khuman

1948 121’ b&w Gujarati d Manhar Raskapur pc Rupchhaya Chitra st/dial Kavi ‘Jaman’ sc T.K. Dave lyr Avinash Vyas, Venibhai Purohit, Prahlad Parekh, Kailas Pandya c Manek Mehta m Ramesh Desai, Indukumar Parekh lp Arvind Pandya, Master Dalpat, Champsibhai Nagda, Ratikumar Vyas, Narmada Shankar, Vimal Ghaisas

The first screen version of the anti-feudal Saurashtra legend of the bandit-saint Jogidas (Pandya). When the prince Vajesinh (Dalpat) seeks to annex lands gifted by the king to the Kathis of the Khuman clan of Bhavnagar, a rebellion is led by Hada Khuman, his two brothers Bhan (Nagda) and Ghela, and his son Jogidas. Jogidas eventually raises an army and kills the prince. He is forgiven by the king and becomes a saintly figure. The popular story was remade twice more by Raskapur himself (in 1962 and 1975: he was believed to be preparing yet another remake when he died) and featured a number of well known actors. In this version composer Laxmikant(cf. Laxmikant-Pyarelal) played Jogidas’ son Lakho, in what was probably his sole screen appearance.