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1961 171’ b&w Hindi d Shanker Mukherjee pc K.S. Films st/m Kishore Kumar sc Vrajendra Gaud dial Madhusudan Kalelkar lyr Majrooh Sultanpuri c K.H. Kapadia lp Kishore Kumar, Madhubala, Jayant, Lalita Pawar, Anoop Kumar, Chanchal, M. Kumar, Sajjan

One of Kishore Kumar’s best-known comedies, containing the song exemplifying his yodelling style, Main hun jhum-jhum-jhum-jhum jhumroo. The zany stylistic melange tells the love story of the tribal Jhumroo (K. Kumar) who falls in love with the evil landowner’s daughter (Madhubala). In the end, Madhubala is shown to be the daughter of Kamli (Pawar) and Jhumroo, the son of the upper-class landowner’s friend. In the process, the film proposes the craziest notions of tribal identity in Indian cinema: one song is a variant of Tequila, another introduces rock into a Cossack dance, and the Kathmandu/Timbuctoo? number sees the hero adopting a Fu Manchu look to rescue the heroine. The film has some of Kishore Kumar’s most famous songs e.g. the Jhumroo number, Thandi hawa yeh chandni suhani and Koi humdum na raha.