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Janjire Jankarne

aka At the Clang of Fetters 1927 St 13496 ft b&w d Harshadrai Mehta pc Krishna Film st Champsi Udeshi sc/c Chimanlal Luhar lp Gulab, Hydershah, P.R. Joshi, Nandram. Gangaram, Sultan Alam

Together with Balidan (1927), this Rajput romance was often cited by the I.C.C as an example of the Indian cinema's technical achievements matching those of the West. Commander Ambar of Ajaygarh triumphs over neighbouring Ramgarh capturing its king and the beautiful Princess Rama (Gulab). Ambar falls for her but problems arise when the king of Ajaygarh wants to give his own daughter in marriage to the victorious commander. Ambar covertly helps Rama and her father escape but he is killed in the process and dies in Rama's arms. The major portion of the film deals with Ambar's imprisonment at the hands of his own patron, remaining seven days without food. Drawn from Udeshi's story serialised a year earlier in the popular journal Navchetan, highlights included spectacular battle scenes.