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Jahnu Barua (b. 1952)

Assamese director born in Lakowa. Graduated from Guwahati University and the FTII (1974). Joined ISRO; produced more than 100 children’s science programmes for SITE in Ahmedabad (1975-6). Lives and works in Bombay, where he makes advertising and corporate films. Lectured at St Xavier’s Institute of Communications. Films address the contemporary culture and politics of Assam. One of the most technically competent New Indian Cinema film-makers; deploys an almost expressionistic approach to regional reformism. Apeksha? is the first NFDC- financed Assamese film. Chairman of the Indian Film Directors’ Association (1993).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1974: The F Cycle (Sh); Diary of a Racehorse (Doc); 1976: One Hundred and Eighty Days of SITE (Doc); 1982: Aparoopa/Apeksha; 1986: Papori; Ek Kahani (TV); 1987: Halodiya Choraye Baodhan Khaye; 1988: Adhikar (TV); 1989: Banani; 1991: Firingoti; 1994: Hkhgoroloi Bohu Door.


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