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India 67

aka An Indian Day, aka India Today 1967 57’ col wordless d S. Sukhdev pc Films Division

Sukhdev’s best-known documentary was a more muted work than his more demagogic And Miles To Go ... (1965). A wordless montage strings together shots from various parts of the country, moving from the village to the city. Sequences include well-known political figures e.g. Bal Thackeray, now head of the notorious right-wing Shiv Sena, making a streetside speech. Some shots were admired by S. Ray: the drop of sweat on the nose of a perspiring Rajasthani musician, followed by an ant on the desert sand, or the dog urinating on a bicycle. The film consciously recalls Rossellini’s India 57 (1958). The film was recut into shorter versions with alternative titles.