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In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones

1988 112’ col English d Pradip Krishen pc Grapevine Media s Arundhati Roy c Rajesh Joshi lp Arjun Raina, Arundhati Roy, Rituraj, Roshan Seth, Isaac Thomas, Divya Seth, Idres Malik, Moses Uboh, Himani Shivpuri

TV film comedy about college life in Delhi. Set in an architecture college, the hero, Anand Grover aka Annie keeps failing his exams because he made fun of his college head. Nevertheless he retains his idealist vision of planting fruit trees to prevent people defecating near railway lines. Other characters are Annie’s Ugandan room-mate and the outrageously dressed Radha. In the end, Annie manages to pass his exams thanks to a trick played by the students. The film suggests the hero goes on to become the head of the department.