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    1515Gopalakrishnan. Joined films as a member of 
    1616various film orchestras. Sensational début as 
    17 composer in Annakkili, using rural folk 
     17composer in [[Annakkili]], using rural folk 
    1818melodies. Introduced fusion effects into Tamil 
    1919cinema combining Carnatic, Western classical 
    20 and pop (cf. Raja Parvai). Early hits for the 
    21 films of his childhood friend Bharathirajaa 
    22 (Pathinaru Vayathinile). Extensively 
    23 associated with playback singer S.P. 
    24 Balasubramanyam and, for a while, lyricist 
    25 Vairamuthu. Recent music hits notably in 
    26 Mani Rathnam’s films, e.g. Raja rajadhirajan 
    27 indha raja in Agni Nakshatram, followed by 
    28 the songs of Anjali, etc. Commanded fees 
     20and pop (cf. [[Raja Parvai]]). Early hits for the 
     21films of his childhood friend [[Bharathirajaa]] 
     22([[Pathinaru Vayathinile]]). Extensively 
     23associated with playback singer [[S.P. 
     24Balasubramanyam]] and, for a while, lyricist 
     25[[Vairamuthu]]. Recent music hits notably in 
     26[[Mani Rathnam]]’s films, e.g. Raja rajadhirajan 
     27indha raja in [[Agni Nakshatram]], followed by 
     28the songs of [[Anjali]], etc. Commanded fees 
    2929equalling those of the highest-paid actors in 
    3030Tamil and was an independent star attraction 
    31 until he was partially eclipsed by A.R. 
    32 Rehman. Made two independent music 
     31until he was partially eclipsed by [[A.R. 
     32Rehman]]. Made two independent music 
    3333albums, How to Name It and Nothing but 
    3434Wind, both continuing his fusion experiments,