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Idu Namma Alu'

1988 166’ col Tamil d Balakumaran pc Saranya Cine Arts s/m K. Bhagyaraj lyr Vali, Pulamaipithan, Muthulingam c K. Rajpreeth lp K. Bhagyaraj, Shobhana, Manorama, J.V.V. Somayajulu, Kumarimuthu

Gopalasami (Bhagyaraj), an unemployed graduate and son of a barber, pretends to be a brahmin when he becomes the tenant of conservative temple priest Srinivasa Sastry (Somayajulu). He falls for the priest’s daughter Banu (Shobhana) and they marry. At the marriage the arrival of Gopalasami’s parents exposes his true caste identity and he, as well as his wife, are evicted by the priest. In the end Banu solves the problem, and Gopalasami is readmitted into the brahmin household after he saves Sastry from a suicide attempt. Credited to the novelist Balakumaran, the comedy belongs to the established actor-director Bhagyaraj.