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Hun Hunshi Hunshilal'

aka Love in the Time of Malaria 1992 140’(133’) col Gujarati d Sanjiv Shah pc Karanar Prod. s/lyr Paresh Naik c Navroze Contractor m Rajat Dholakia lp Dilip Joshi, Renuka Shahane, Manoj Joshi, Mohan Gokhale, Arvind Vaidya

Gujarati musical allegory about politics. The middle-class scientist Hunshilal (Joshi), mainly through the actions of his scientist-girlfriend Parveen (Shahane), is pitted against a despotic politician, King Bhadrabhoop II of Khojpuri (Gokhale) whose subjects are bitten by a mysterious breed of mosquitoes and become restless. Hunshilal is employed by the Queen’s Laboratory to eradicate the mosquitoes but he defects, with Parveen, to the side of the bugs. He is caught and brainwashed but Parveen escapes the kingdom and sets out for the land of the mosquitoes beyond the Black Hills. The rulers are portrayed as indolent oppressors who spend their time playing with toy guns and toy trains. The film’s somewhat forced effort to assimilate a postmodern aesthetic is mainly evidenced in an unprecedentedly large number of songs cut into an already overcrowded soundtrack.