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Hum Ek Hain

1946 121’ b&w Hindi d/co-sc/lyr P.L. Santoshi pc Prabhat Film st Saleh Mohammed Qureshi co-sc Tony Lazarus c Surendra Pai m Husnlal-Bhagatram lp Durga Khote, Kamala Kotnis, Dev Anand, Alka Achrekar, Rehana, Rehman, Ranjit Kumari, Rane, Ram Singh, Gokhale, Ganpatrao, Manajirao Karadkar, Bhagwat, Baby Usha

A national unity parable choreographed by Guru Dutt but more significant as Dev Anand’s debut. The old landlady of a village supports its people during a famine and raises three orphaned children of differing religions. The children, although encouraged to practice their separate religions, are taught to remain united at all times. The villain Chhote Babu, who wants to marry the girl who is engaged to the eldest of the three boys, sows discord and hatred, causing great enmity between the trio until reason prevails and they reunite.