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     1= Howto guide to = 
     3The website uses a Wiki structure which means that people can add/ edit or change the content. The Wiki essentially works on the principle of internal linking which means that any entry that is created can be linked internally with the use of a simple square bracket command. 
     5If you register as a user you may start adding or editing  entries 
     7For instance if there is an entry for Awara then any place you find a reference if you place it within brackets it automatically links to the page Awara 
     14== Structure == 
     16On the home page you will find a list of categories such as Chronicle, Films, Directors, Actors, Studios, Producers etc. 
     18Whenever you create a new entry you can classify it under one of these by simply placing a link at the bottom of your entry to one of them 
     20For instance if you create an entry for  
     22Omkara, then at the bottom of the page you add {{{[[Films]]}}} and it will be added to the list of films 
     24You may place as many categories as you want  
     26For Vishal Bharadwaj for instance you could place him under  
     35== 1. How to create a new entry == 
     37On the address bar just add the name of an entry you want to make. For instance if you want to create an entry for Helen you add 
     43You will get a prompt which says 
     45The page Helen does not exist. You can create it here. 
     46Click on Create this page and a new page for Helen will be created which you can then start adding content  
     49== 2. Editing and existing entry == 
     51There is a complete list of commands that may be used here 
     55Once you go to a page you may start editing the page 
     59== 3. Adding a picture == 
     61To add a picture to the Wiki you need to do the following 
     63a. At the bottom of any page you will find an option which says '''Attach File''' 
     64b. Click on this and attach a picture in .jpg format not exceeding 2 MB. For instance you have added a picture of Nargis 
     65c. Then in the content section use the following command {{{[[Image(Nargis.jpg)]]}}} 
     66d. Please note that the name in the link should be the same a the file name that you have attached 
     68== 4. Embedding a youtube Video == 
     70Youtube uses a distinct file name for every video it hosts. A typical youtube video will have the following name 
     74The name of the video in this case is aHx2tPnkkYA 
     76To embed a youtube video just use the following command 
     82Basically fill in the name of the youtube video after the equals sign 
     86== 5. Creating Footnotes == 
     88If you want to cite an article, use the create footnote command which s basically this 
     91[[FootNote( Content of the footnote comes here )]] 
     94It will automatically be added 
     97== 6. Embedding a video from == 
     98 is a public access digital archive which allows you to link to a particular section of a video 
     101On you can choose a segment of a video by marking an in and an out point (Use the editor view) 
     103On the menu button (Wheel) select embed this video and you will get an address such as  
     106<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 
     109You need to copy a segment of the address namely the portion within quotes 
     112and add it to the following command 
     115[[Embed(iframe=Add the segment you have copied here)]] 
     119For instance the film [[Kalpana (1948)|Kalpana]] is available on [[|]]