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1960 164’ b&w Bengali d Sushil Majumdar pc Shri N.C.A. Pics m Amal Mukherjee lp Ashok Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Pahadi Sanyal, Chhabi Biswas, Sushil Majumdar, Bhanu Bannerjee

A medical story complicated by caste differences. Saibal (A. Kumar) and Sarbari (Sen) are surgeons in a hospital. Their marriage is prevented by her lower-caste status. When she discovers that she is pregnant, Sarbari goes to work in a small town where she gives birth to a son. She then discovers that she suffers from cancer. Saibal comes to perform the operation that saves her. Not to be confused with the bilingual Jogajog/Hospital?(B/H) (1943) by the same film-maker.