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    3434domination: e.g. in Travancore where the first 
    3535major novel by C.V. Raman Pillai (1858-1922), 
    36 Martanda Varma (1891; filmed in 1931) 
     36[[Martanda Varma]] (1891; filmed in 1931) 
    3737resurrected the 18th C. emperor; in the old 
    38 Mysore province several Company Natak 
     38Mysore province several [[Company Natak]] 
    3939plays returned to the glory of the Vijayanagar 
    4040Empire (14th C.). The early cinema takes off 
    41 directly from the stage historical (cf. Baburao 
    42 Painter). The most evident influence was the 
     41directly from the stage historical (cf. [[Baburao 
     42Painter]]). The most evident influence was the 
    4343Parsee theatre, where the genre was 
    4444interpreted entirely as a play about feudal 
    4545power and therefore a crucial mediation of 
    46 kinship relations (see Aga Hashr Kashmiri, 
    47 Mehboob). Influential regional imitations of 
     46kinship relations (see [[Aga Hashr Kashmiri]], 
     47[[Mehboob]]). Influential regional imitations of 
    4848this mode included the Bengali plays of 
    4949Dwijendralal Roy (Mewar Patan, 1909), 
    5050interpreted by Parthasarathy Gupta in the 
    51 context of Swadeshi (cf. Gupta, 1988), and the 
     51context of [[Swadeshi]] (cf. Gupta, 1988), and the 
    5252famous Shahjehan (1909) or those of Khirode 
    5353Prasad Vidyavinode (e.g. Alamgir, 1921, staged 
    54 by Sisir Bhaduri). Imperial Studio re-coded 
    55 the genre along Cecil B. DeMille lines. Bhalji 
    56 Pendharkar and G.V. Iyer (in his Rajkumar 
     54by [[Sisir Bhaduri]]). [[Imperial Studio]] re-coded 
     55the genre along Cecil B. DeMille lines. [[Bhalji 
     56Pendharkar]] and [[G.V. Iyer]] (in his [[Rajkumar]] 
    5757films) used the genre for directly ideological 
    5858ends. In most instances where the cinema took 
    6060early historicals are usually blurred into other 
    6161genres like the mythological or the Saint film 
    62 (e.g. Vel Pics) and are conventionally referred 
     62(e.g. [[Vel Pics]]) and are conventionally referred 
    6363to as ‘costume’ dramas, a tradition later 
    64 continued by Gemini’s adventure films and 
     64continued by [[Gemini]]’s adventure films and 
    6565politicised as an imaginary pseudo-history by 
    66 MGR.