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Hiro Salaat

1961 129’ b&w Gujarati d Ramchandra Thakur pc Vishva Rang Chitra c Bipin Gajjar lyr/m Avinash Vyas lp Vijay Datt, Nalini Chonkar, Champsibhai Nagda, Madhumati, Babu Raje, Tuntun, Ishwarlal

Famed sculptor Hiro Salaat is commissioned by King Siddharaj to build the fort at Darbhavati (now called Dabhoi). When he does so, the king, anxious that he should never surpass this spectacular achievement, buries the sculptor alive in one of its walls. The film, claiming to address the troubled relations between artist and patron, is remembered for artist and designer Kanu Desai’s realistic sets e.g. the replication of the fort in the Mohan Studio.