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Har Har Mahadev

1950 137’ b&w Hindi d/p Jayant Desai st Bachubhai Shukla dial Pandit Anuj lyr Ramesh Sastry, Saraswati Kumar Deepak c Saju Naik m Avinash Vyas lp Nirupa Roy, Trilok Kapoor, Shanta Kumar, Jeevan, Kanta Kumari, Mishra, Meenakshi, Niranjan Sharma

Major mythological hit and Nirupa Roy’s best- known film in the genre. King of demons Tarakasur invades the land of the gods to avenge the insult meted out to his mother by Indra. His victory leads to a declaration that he is now king of the cosmos, an imbalance that may only be righted by Shiva (Kapoor). Kama, god of love, is sent to awaken Shiva from his eternal meditation, but gets burnt to ashes. Shiva can only be propitiated by Uma (Roy), daughter of the Himalayas, through an act of penance that leads to Shiva accepting her as his consort.