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Hannele Chiguridaga

1968 161’ b&w Kannada d/sc M.R. Vittal pc Srikanth & Srikanth Ents p Srikanth Nahata,Srikanth Patel st Triveni’s novel dial/lyr R.N. Jayagopal c Srikanth, Kumar m M. Ranga Rao lp R. Nagendra Rao, Rajkumar, Kalpana, Arun Kumar, B.V. Radha, Ranga, Dinesh, Pradhan, Jayakumar, Premalatha, Jayashree, Papamma, Indira George, Baby Rani

An orthodox patriarch (Nagendra Rao) is upset when one of his five sons (Arun Kumar) wants to marry a theatre actress (Premalatha). The old man’s daughter Malathi (Kalpana) is widowed and her friend Prasad (Rajkumar), who had arranged Malathi’s marriage, also loses his wife. The patriarch refuses to let Malathi marry Prasad, leading to extensive debate and a revolt within the family before he relents. The original novel, working within a social reform tradition, strongly advocated widow remarriage, but the film weakened the arguments to avoid questioning the legitimacy of patriarchal despotism. One of veteran Kannada thespian Nagendra Rao’s best-known roles. The film also has the Kannada song hit Hoovu cheluvela endendithu.