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Halodiya Choraye Baodhan Khaye

aka The Catastrophe 1987 120’ col Assamese d/sc Jahnu Barua pc Patkai Films st Hemen Borgohain c Anup Jotwani m Satya Barua lp Indra Bania, Purnima Pathak Saikia, Badal Das, Hemen Choudhury, Pabitra Kumar Dekha

A happy, innocent farmer (Bania) is conned out of his landholding by an evil landlord. Forced to sell his cattle and to make innumerable trips to sort out bureaucratic problems, the farmer eventually meets that ultimate rarity, a ‘good’ bureaucrat who helps him get his land back. This story is set amid the din and cacophony of Assamese politics, leading at one point to the protagonist literally going berserk. Barua’s best-known film, renowned for Bania’s performance.