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Halli Mestru

1992 162’ col Kannada d Mohan-Manju pc Eswari Prod. p M. Veeraswamy s K. Bhagyaraj dial/lyr/m Hamsalekha lp Ravichandran, Bindiya, Balkrishna, Silk Smitha, Thoogudeepa Srinivas

Pop star Ravichandran plays a village schoolteacher in this Kannada adaptation of the Tamil ‘drumstick’ comedy genre (sex comedies named after a vegetable widely believed to be an aphrodisiac). The sexy village girl Parimala (Bindiya) is attracted to the widowed teacher. In the end, after a bizarre chain of events, Parimala is saved in the nick of time from undergoing a tubectomy. Silk Smitha’s adult education classes in the film provide most of the sex comedy.