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Hakim Babu

1985 163’ col Oriya d/sc Pranab Das p Amiya Patnaik st Bibhuti Patnaik dial Bijoy Mishra lyr Sibabrata Das c Rajan Kinagi m Saroj Patnaik lp Ajit Das, Dolly (Bijoya) Jena, Bijoy Mohanty, Jaya, Jayi, Hemant Das, Sujata Anand

Sidhu Majhe, former bonded labourer and murdered and member of a ‘scheduled’ tribe, gets a much-covered job in the Indian Administrative Service following the government’s policy of ‘positive discrimination’ (better known as the Mandal Commission recommendations). In the process he is forced to marry a sophisticated urban woman and loses contact with his social origins. The loss is emphasised when members of his community are evicted from their land. The film was attacked for its anti-tribal and anti-reservation biases.