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Gyarah Hazaar Ladkiyan

1962 152’ b&w Hindi d/st/co-sc K.A. Abbas pc Film Friends p/co-sc Ali Sardar Jafri lyr Majrooh Sultanpuri c Ramchandra m N. Dutta lp Mala Sinha, Bharat Bhushan, Helen, Jugnu, Baby Farida, Baby Vidyarani, Baby Vijay, Soni Sultana, Nirmala Mansukhani, Minal, Noor, Nadira, David, Madhavi, Imtiaz

The noted Urdu poet Ali Sardar Jafri co-wrote and produced Abbas’s film set among journalists. Puran (Bhushan) rebels against his millionaire father and joins a progressive journal. Reporting on working women, he falls in love with Asha (Sinha), a clerk in a food- rationing office. When his father forces Puran to leave his job, he starts his own paper. With the end of rationing after the war, Asha loses her job and her younger sister Uma becomes a cabaret dancer. In self-defence, Uma kills the lecherous nightclub boss and Asha takes the blame. Puran defends Asha in court where his speeches extol working women.