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Gyan Mukherjee (1909-57)

Hindi director born in Benares. Graduated as a scientist; editor of journal Science and Culture. Joined Bombay Talkies as a supervising technician. Wrote script for Bandhan (1940) and collaborated with Abbas on script of Naya Sansar (1941). Directed Ashok Kumar at Bombay Talkies (Jhoola, Kismet) and Filmistan, creating a new image for him with a big impact on later Hindi film (e.g. on the image of Dilip Kumar). His Chal Chal Re Naujawan launched Filmistan. Style drawn largely from 30s Warner Bros with naturalist underplaying for greater psychological complexity (e.g. the seminal Kismet and Sangram). Guru Dutt dedicated Pyaasa (1957) to him.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1941: Jhoola; 1943: Kismet; 1944: Chal Chal Re Naujawan; 1950: Sangram; 1953: Shamsheer; 1955: Sardar; 1956: Shatranj; 1959: Madhu.