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     1'''Gulzar, Sampooran Singh''' (b. 1936) 
     4Mainstream Hindi-Urdu director and writer 
     5born in Deena, Jhelum Dist. (now Pakistan). 
     6Started as a poet associated with the PWA; 
     7became Bimal Roy’s lyricist (Mora gora ang 
     8lai in Bandini, 1963), then his full-time 
     9assistant. Wrote scripts and lyrics for several 
     10film-makers (Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Asit 
     11Sen, Basu Chatterjee, Buddhadev Dasgupta, 
     12Kumar Shahani etc). First film: Mere Apne, a 
     13remake of Tapan Sinha’s Apanjan (1968). 
     14Though himself an Urdu writer, claims strong 
     15influence of Bengali literature. Made one film 
     16based on a Saratchandra Chattopadhyay novel 
     17(Khushboo) and two on Samaresh Basu’s 
     18writing (Kitaab, Namkeen). Finished S. 
     19Sukhdev’s last film Shaira, a documentary on 
     20Meena Kumari. He describes his cinema as a ‘ 
     21study of human beings ... interesting human 
     22relationships in different aspects, different 
     23situations’ (Vasudev and Lenglet, 1983). Has 
     24published three anthologies of poetry (Janam, 
     25Ek Boond Chand, Kuch Aur Nazme) and 
     26several books for children including verse tales 
     27from the Panchtantra in Hindi. Writes his own 
     28scripts and prolific dialogue writer as well as 
     29lyricist (e.g. Ashirwad, 1968; Khamoshi, 
     301969; Safar, 1970; Gharonda and Khatta 
     31Meetha, both 1977; Masoom, 1982). 
     33'''FILMOGRAPHY''': 1971: Mere Apne; 1972: 
     34Koshish; Parichay; 1973: Achanak; 1975: 
     35Khushboo; Mausam; Aandhi; 1977: Kinara; 
     36Kitaab; 1979: Meera; 1980: Shaira; 1981: 
     37Angoor; 1982: Namkeen; 1984: Suniye/Aika 
     38(Sh); 1985: Ek Akar (Doc); 1987: Ijaazat; 
     391988: Mirza Ghalib (TV); Libaas; 1990: Lekin 
     40...; Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Doc); 1992: Pandit 
     41Bhimsen Joshi (Doc).