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1924 St 7997 ft b&w d Kanjibhai Rathod pc Kohinoor Film s Mohanlal G. Dave lp Zubeida, Fatma Begum, Sultana, Khalil, Noor Mohamed, Savita, Jamna, Usha Rani

One of the most successful silent films tells the legend of the fairy Bakavali (Zubeida), her deivi pushp (or divine flower) Gul known for its healing powers, and the Eastern prince Taj- ul-Mulk (Khalil), who wants the flower to cure his blind father. The origins of this popular legend vary. One version claims it was introduced into India by Nihal Chand Lahori's Mazhab-e-lshq, translating from Izzat Ali Bengali's Persian version around the turn of the 19th C. under the influence of his British teacher John Gilchrist at the Fort William College in Calcutta. Another traces it to Abley Sheikh's narration of the story in 1513 couplets from which it was adapted by seveml Kashmiri