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Guest House

1959 ?’ b&w Hindi d Ravindra Dave pc Golden Movies s K.A. Narayan dial Adil Rashid, Rafat Badayuni lyr Prem Dhawan c Raj Kumar Bhakri m Chitragupta lp Ajit, Shakila, Maruti, Lalita Pawar, Vimla Kumari, Tiwari, Pran

A moral fable presented as a crime melodrama. Amar (Ajit) and his cousin Manohar (Pran) are a pair of shifty childhood friends. However, Manohar’s father believes his son to be a fine person led astray by Amar. When Amar’s dying mother makes her son promise never to tell lies, Manohar, caught by the police, is jailed because Amar refuses to lie to save his friend. Amar is disinherited by his equally shifty guardian and goes to Bombay where he is taken in by Neela (Shakila) and dreams of becoming a saintly figure with his new-found idealism. When Manohar is released, he seeks revenge on his cousin and erstwhile friend. In the process he has to disown his doting father, now a beggar on the streets.