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aka Summer 1980 122’ col Malayalam d/s V.R. Gopinath p Sumathy Ayyapan pc Mayflower Movie Makers c Madhu Ambat m M.B. Srinivasan lp Rajendran, Gopi, Ravi Menon, Jalaja, Rekha Rao, Protima, Ramu

Drama about Hari (Rajendran), a psychology student with remarkably little psychological sensitivity who is obsessed by a 16-year-old girl, Rathi (Jalaja). When he discovers that she is not the daughter but the mistress of his university professor, the student is so traumatised and preoccupied with himself that he is unable to develop any real relationship with other women like the prostitute Anitha (Protima) or his former colleague Malini (Rekha Rao). The story, told in flashbacks, ends with a dreamlike reconciliation between Hari and Rathi, suggesting that Hari remains stuck in his adolescent fantasies.