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     1'''Gharana Mogudu''' 
     41992 149’ col Telugu 
     5d K. Raghavendra Rao pc Devi Film Prod. 
     6p K. Devi Varaprasad st P. Vasu dial Parachuri 
     7Bros. co-lyr Bhuvana Chandra c Ajayan Vincent 
     8co-lyr/m M.M. Keeravani 
     9lp Chiranjeevi, Naghma,Vani Vishwanath, Rao 
     10Gopala Rao, Satyanarayana, Sharat Saxena, 
     11Aahuti Prasad, P.L. Narayana, Chalapathi Rao, 
     12Brahmanandam, Ramaprabha, Disco Shanti 
     15Unemployed dock worker Raju (Chiranjeevi) 
     16saves the life of industrialist Bapineedu 
     17(Gopala Rao) who, in return, offers him a job. 
     18Raju’s efforts to organise the workers lead to a 
     19clash with Bapineedu’s daughter Uma Devi 
     20(Naghma), who runs the company. Raju 
     21becomes the president of the workers’ union, 
     22defeating Sarangapani (Prasad) who, it turns 
     23out, is actually in league with Uma Devi’s chief 
     24rival Ranganayakulu (Satyanarayana). Uma 
     25Devi marries Raju shortly after he has saved her 
     26life following the rivals’ plan to have her 
     27murdered, but this, it is later revealed, is only in 
     28order to ‘tame’ the otherwise invincible union 
     29worker. Raju moves into Uma Devi’s mansion 
     30where he continues his union work, leading a 
     31strike when Bhawani (Vishwanath), the woman 
     32who originally loved him, is dismissed by Uma 
     33Devi. In the end, when the true villains 
     34Ranganayakulu and his son (Saxena) try to 
     35destroy Uma Rani by burning the factory, Raju 
     36saves his wife again and ‘forgives’ her. Taming 
     37the wild and arrogant (i.e. independent) 
     38woman is a major preoccupation of several 
     39Chiranjeevi films, his adolescent machismo 
     40being boosted as much by thrashing dozens of 
     41villains as by putting women in their place (cf. 
     42Donga Mogudu, 1987; Rickshavudu and 
     43Alluda Majaaka, both 1995). One of 
     44Chiranjeevi’s most successful film, its release 
     45coincided with the brutal repression of a 
     46Naxalite-led workers’ movements, in this 
     47instance making reference to the Patancheru 
     48industrial area in Hyderabad. Several notorious 
     49‘encounters’ between the police and political 
     50activists in this period of extreme State 
     51repression when Janardhana Reddy was the 
     52State Chief Minister, also led to a genre of 
     53worker-centered films featuring and made by 
     54R. Narayanmurthy (eg. Erra Sainyam, 1994). 
     55The film was a remake of the Rajnikant film 
     56Mannan (1991).