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Ghar Ki Izzat

1948 136’ b&w Hindi d Ram Daryani pc Murli Movietone st K.S. Daryani dial/lyr I.C. Kapoor c Kumar Jaywant m Pandit Govind Ram lp Mumtaz Shanti, Dilip Kumar, Manorama, Jeevan, Dikshit, Suleman, Gulab, Gope

Daryani’s domestic drama features two couples, each cutting across the urban-rural divide. Radhika, daughter of Seth Chunilal, and her husband Chaman leave her father’s house to start an insurance business in the countryside. They meet Roopa (Shanti), poor but happy and living with her two brothers. Chanda (Kumar), Radhika’s brother, falls in love with Roopa; they get married and move to the city where Roopa lives an unhappy life, taunted by her parents-in-law about her former poverty. The weak Chanda, concerned about his wife’s unhappiness, leaves home and becomes a drunk and a gambler until, on a full- moon night, all differences are resolved.