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    44Aka Gemini Studios. Best-known Madras studio 
    55in the 40s for redefining the concept of mass 
    6 entertainment with Chandralekha (1948), the 
     6entertainment with [[Chandralekha]] (1948), the 
    77first Madras film to break successfully into the 
    8 Hindi cinema. S.S. Vasan started Gemini as a 
     8Hindi cinema. [[S.S. Vasan]] started Gemini as a 
    99distribution agency, the Gemini Pics Circuit, 
    1010distributing and partly financing films by K. 
    11 Subramanyam’s Motion Pics Producers 
     11[[Subramanyam]]’s Motion Pics Producers 
    1212Combine. When the Combine went bankrupt, 
    1313Vasan bought the studio in 1939 at public 
    1414auction for a mere Rs 86,427-11 (Annas)-9 
    1515(Paise) (according to Randor Guy). The studio’s 
    16 début feature was probably Balkrishna 
    17 Narayan Rao’s Madanakamarajan (1941), 
    18 but it only took off when cameraman-scenarist K. Ramnoth joined it along with his Vauhini 
     16début feature was probably [[Balkrishna 
     17Narayan Rao]]’s Madanakamarajan (1941), 
     18but it only took off when cameraman-scenarist [[K. Ramnoth]] joined it along with his [[Vauhini]] 
    1919partner, art-director A.K. Sekhar. This team 
    2020made most of Gemini’s early features: 
    2626In the early days, the most 
    2727important event in the studio was Uday 
    28 Shankar’s dance extravaganza Kalpana 
     28Shankar’s dance extravaganza [[Kalpana]] 
    2929(released 1948) which also provided training 
    3030for most of Gemini’s technicians as well as 
    3535before the studio’s second major onslaught on 
    3636the national box office with Apoorva 
    37 Sahodarargal (1949), a trilingual that 
     37[[Sahodarargal]] (1949), a trilingual that 
    3838established the studio’s dominance in the genre 
    3939of the costumed adventure movie. Although its 
    40 Hindi version Nishan was not a major success, 
     40Hindi version [[Nishan]] was not a major success, 
    4141Vasan continued making Hindi films, often 
    42 signing them himself: e.g. the Dilip Kumar 
    43 and Dev Anand film Insaniyat (1955), 
    44 Vyjayanthimala’s Raj Tilak (1958) and 
    45 Paigham (1959) starring Dilip Kumar, Raaj 
     42signing them himself: e.g. the [[Dilip Kumar]] 
     43and [[Dev Anand]] film [[Insaniyat]] (1955), 
     44[[Vyjayanthimala]]’s [[Raj Tilak]] (1958) and 
     45[[Paigham]] (1959) starring Dilip Kumar, Raaj 
    4646Kumar and Vyjayanthimala. They also made 
    47 the megabudget Tamil classic Avvaiyyar 
     47the megabudget Tamil classic [[Avvaiyyar]] 
    4848(1953). An important later production was 
    49 Motor Sundaram Pillai (1966), Sivaji 
    50 Ganesan’s only film at this studio. 
     49[[Motor Sundaram Pillai]] (1966), [[Sivaji 
     50Ganesan]]’s only film at this studio. 
    5151In 1958 the 
    5252studio expanded into the Gemini Colour lab,