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     2== Gemini Pictures == 
     4Aka Gemini Studios. Best-known Madras studio 
     5in the 40s for redefining the concept of mass 
     6entertainment with Chandralekha (1948), the 
     7first Madras film to break successfully into the 
     8Hindi cinema. S.S. Vasan started Gemini as a 
     9distribution agency, the Gemini Pics Circuit, 
     10distributing and partly financing films by K. 
     11Subramanyam’s Motion Pics Producers 
     12Combine. When the Combine went bankrupt, 
     13Vasan bought the studio in 1939 at public 
     14auction for a mere Rs 86,427-11 (Annas)-9 
     15(Paise) (according to Randor Guy). The studio’s 
     16début feature was probably Balkrishna 
     17Narayan Rao’s Madanakamarajan (1941), 
     18but it only took off when cameraman-scenarist 
     19K. Ramnoth joined it along with his Vauhini 
     20partner, art-director A.K. Sekhar. This team 
     21made most of Gemini’s early features: 
     22Mangamma Sapatham (1943), Kannamma En 
     23Kadhali (1945) and Miss Malini (1947) before 
     24the Chandralekha blitz catapulted it on to the 
     25national stage. In the early days, the most 
     26important event in the studio was Uday 
     27Shankar’s dance extravaganza Kalpana 
     28(released 1948) which also provided training 
     29for most of Gemini’s technicians as well as 
     30providing the model for an Orientalist dance 
     31idiom later associated with influential Tamil 
     32choreographers like Hiralal and Chopra Master. 
     33A few minor hits followed Chandralekha 
     34before the studio’s second major onslaught on 
     35the national box office with Apoorva 
     36Sahodarargal (1949), a trilingual that 
     37established the studio’s dominance in the genre 
     38of the costumed adventure movie. Although its 
     39Hindi version Nishan was not a major success, 
     40Vasan continued making Hindi films, often 
     41signing them himself: e.g. the Dilip Kumar 
     42and Dev Anand film Insaniyat (1955), 
     43Vyjayanthimala’s Raj Tilak (1958) and 
     44Paigham (1959) starring Dilip Kumar, Raaj 
     45Kumar and Vyjayanthimala. They also made 
     46the megabudget Tamil classic Avvaiyyar 
     47(1953). An important later production was 
     48Motor Sundaram Pillai (1966), Sivaji 
     49Ganesan’s only film at this studio. In 1958 the 
     50studio expanded into the Gemini Colour lab, 
     51licensed by Eastmancolor Kodak film. After 
     52Vasan’s death, his son S.S. Balasubramanyam 
     53produced the unsuccessful Ellorum Nallavare 
     54(1975). Gemini’s productions declined in the 
     5570s, although it remained successful as a studio 
     56and equipment rental business now taken over 
     57by the Anand Cine Services.