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  • Geetanjali

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     41989 142’ col Telugu 
     5d/s Mani Rathnam pc Bhagyalakshmi Ents 
     6dial Rajashri lyr Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy 
     7c P.C. Sriram m Ilaiyaraja 
     8lp Nagarjuna, Girija, Vijayakumar, 
     9Vijayachander, Sumitra, Velu, Disco Shanthi, 
     10Chandramohan, Sowcar Janaki, Smita 
     13Rathnam’s first Telugu film was the biggest hit 
     14of the year in Telugu as well as in Tamil (in a 
     15dubbed version, Idhayathe Thirudathe). It tells 
     16an unusual love story about a young collegiate 
     17gangster (Nagarjuna) who meets the wild 
     18Geetanjali (Girija). Both are terminally ill, he 
     19with leukaemia and she with heart disease. 
     20These afflictions appear to liberate the duo 
     21from social constraints. Most of the film is shot 
     22in exotic, fog-bound locations and includes 
     23several rock numbers (e.g. Om Namaha which 
     24uses an amplified heartbeat as background 
     25rhythm). The critic Tejaswini Niranjana (1991) 
     26points out that the heroine is the ‘new woman, 
     27the strong heroine, the inheritor of a refracted 
     28modernity in a context where feminity is once 
     29again being redefined [placing on her] the 
     30burden of saviour and teacher [w]ho has to be 
     31the one to provide support, when the hero in a 
     32similar situation [sings] sad songs. However, 
     33[s]he is allowed to take the initiative in the 
     34relationship because in spite of her shoulderlength 
     35hair she is ‘Indian’ and a signifier of the 
     36good modernity.’