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1992 157’ col Malayalam d Joshi pc Chandini Films s A.K. Lohitadas lyr Kaithapram c Jayanan Vincent m S.P. Venkatesh lp Mammootty, Thilakan, Murali, Anju, Babu Anthony

Anthony (Mammootty) and Aliyar (Thilakan) are two ex-convicts whose families have been exterminated by the police. When they are released, they team up to destroy, in revenge, the family of Haridas, the honest policeman responsible for the original killing but now retired. Haridas, in his dying moments, confesses to Anthony that one of his three daughters is in fact Anthony’s illegitimate daughter, whom Haridas had rescued and adopted many years ago. Anthony now changes sides and turns into the protector of Haridas’s family against the attacks of his former prison-mate Aliyar. He eventually kills Aliyar and his entire gang.