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Ganga Chiloner Pankhi

1975 105’ b&w Assamese d/co-sc/m Padum Barua pc Rupjyoti Films st Laxmi Nandan Bora co-sc Mohammed Sadulla lyr Shankara Deb c Indukalpa Hazarika lp Beena Barwati, Basanta Saikia, Basanta Duara, Mohini Rajkumari, Asaideo Handige, Bipul Barua, Beena Das Manna, Bhola Kakoti

Landmark Assamese political melodrama set shortly after Independence. A petty trader refuses to let his sister marry the man she loves because he has supported a rival candidate in a local election. Instead, he forces her to marry another man, who dies tragically when he learns of his wife’s past. The bulk of the film addresses the young widow’s difficult life as she defies her family only to be rejected by the man she loves. A decade in the making, this remains the director’s only film to date.