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     1'''Gang Leader''' 
     41991 155’ col Telugu 
     5d/s Vijaya Bapineedu pc Syamprasad Arts 
     6p Maganti Ravindranath Choudhury 
     7dial Parachuri Bros. lyr Veturi Sundara 
     8Ramamurthy, Bhuvana Chandra c H. Loksingh 
     9m Bappi Lahiri 
     10lp Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti, Sarath Kumar, 
     11Ravu Gopala Rao, Sumalatha, Murali Mohan, 
     12Sharat Saxena, Nirmala, Sudha, Allu 
     13Ramalingaiah, Satyanarayana, Nutan Prasad 
     16Raghupati (Mohan), Raghava (Kumar) and 
     17Rajaram (Chiranjeevi) are brothers in a lowermiddle 
     18class family. Only the eldest, Raghupati, 
     19is employed. Rajaram earns some money to 
     20pay for Raghava’s studies by agreeing to go to 
     21prison for a road accident caused by the 
     22daughter of a jailor (Satyanarayana). While he 
     23is in jail, Raghupati is killed by the villain 
     24Ekambaram (Rao), a crime for which 
     25photographic evidence is available but 
     26withheld from Rajaram. Further problems are 
     27caused when Raghava’s new wife (Sumalatha) 
     28and her corrupt father, a police officer, force a 
     29split between the brothers. Rajaram is arrested 
     30once again, this time for murder, but 
     31eventually, with the help of Ekambaram’s 
     32illegitimate daughter Kanyakumari 
     33(Vijayashanti), he rescues and reunites his 
     34entire family and kills the villain’s brother 
     35(Saxena) while Kanyakumari kills the villain. 
     36The film was remade as Aaj Ka Goonda Raj 
     37(1991) and includes all the standard narrative 
     38conventions of a Chiranjeevi film, such as a 
     39‘solo’ song number and an elaborately 
     40choreographed fight sequence early in the