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1993 155’ col/scope Malayalam d/co-s Sangeet Sivan pc Sithara Combines p Suresh Balaji co-s Alex I. Kadavil lyr Kaithapram c Santosh Sivan m S.P. Venkatesh lp Mohanlal, Kanchana, Pratapchandran, Devan, Shantikrishna, Kaviyoor Ponnamma

Malayalam megastar Mohanlal plays Samuel Alexander, a poor but glamourized garage owner who falls for the rich and beautiful Sreedevi Menon (Kanchana). Having annoyed her with his attentions, he manages to make her realise the difference between ‘gentlemen’ like him and ‘rogues’. They decide to live together, an act that forms the major moral pivot of the film, and she delivers their child even as he goes to jail. Eventually, in spite of her parents’ opposition, the two nevertheless get married. The title refers to the phrase ‘Gandharva Vivaham’, which roughly means ‘marriage blessed by the angels’, an interesting Hindu ratification of cohabitation or ‘unofficial’ marriage.