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Gadano Bel

1950 123’ b&w Gujarati d Ratibhai Punatar pc Ajit Pics st Prabhulal Dwivedi’s play sc Ramchandra Thakur c M.G. Jadhav lyr/m Avinash Vyas lp Nirupa Roy, Dulari, Charubala, Lila Kurle, Hirabai, Maya Devi, Manhar Desai, Baburaje, Chhagan Romeo, Ramlal, Banke Bihari, Champak Lala, Bhogilal, Ramesh, Girish, Nityananda Ghosh

Realist Gujarati reform social adapting a noted play first staged by the nationalist Desh Natak Samaj. When the head of a family, who is also the main breadwinner, dies of overwork, the joint family disintegrates as the in-laws leave with whatever they can appropriate. Eventually, after the house has been auctioned, the three family members left behind are supposed to put their faith in god.