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Film and Television Institute of India

India’s premier training institute for filmmaking, cinematography, editing and soundrecording. Founded in 1960, a decade after the S.K. Patil Film Enquiry Committee’s recommendations, as the Film Institute of India. It was established in Pune using the premises of the former Prabhat? Film. Became an autonomous organisation funded by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in 1974, simultaneously expanding to include a TV section in the context of Doordarshan’s development plans. The FTII’s history is most closely associated with Ritwik Ghatak who joined as Professor of Film and Vice-Principal (1966-7) and formed several of the New Indian Cinema pioneers, such as Kumar Shahani?, Mani Kaul, Adoor Gopalakrishnan et al., as well as numerous key technicians, e.g. cinematographer K.K. Mahajan. The FTII produced two feature films, Raakhi Raakhi (Mahesh Kaul, 1969) and Jai Jawan Jai Makan (Vishram Bedekar, 1971). Film Finance Corporation see National Film Development Corporation