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Fatema Begum

Probably first woman director in India. Married the Nawab of Sachin and mother of silent superstars Sultana and Zubeida as well as of Shahzadi. Career on Urdu stage, then film actress in Irani?’s Star Film (Veer Abhimanyu); set up Fatma Film (1926), later Victoria-Fatma Film (1928). Actress at Kohinoor and Imperial Studios while producing, writing and directing (often also acting in) her own films at the Fatma Co. Continued acting in the 30s, e.g. for ppNanubhai Vakil[[ and Homi Master.

FILMOGRAPHY (* also d): 1922: Veer Abhimanyu; 1924: Prithvi Vallabh; Gul-e- Bakavali; Kala Naag; Sati Sardarba; 1925: Naharsinh Daku; Devadasi; Mumbai Ni Mohini; Gaud Bangal; 1926: Khubsoorat Bala; Indrajal; Panna Ratna; Bulbul-e- Paristan (only d.); 1928: Chandravali*; Heer Ranjha*; 1929: Kanakatara*; Milan Dinar*; Naseeb Ni Devi*; Shakuntala*; Mahasundar.