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Fali Bilimoria (b. 1923)

Born in Bombay; son of a lawyer. Abandoned medical studies (1946) and went into politics. Documentary director and producer since late 40s. Early career with P.V. Pathy and Paul Zils. Established Documentary Unit: India (1947) and later the Art Films of Asia (1952), both in partnership with Zils. When Zils returned to Germany, started his own Fali Bilimoria Prod. (1959). Best-known films on agricultural technology on behalf of US Technical Co- operation Missions in the context of the controversial Green Revolution promised by imported fertiliser, and also on American Public Law 480 aid to India. Also made films on co- operative movements in handloom, fisheries, housing, agriculture etc. supporting the ‘Colombo Plan’ foreign aid to India. Clients include Shell, British Transport, Deutsche Condor, the USIS and private American sponsors for whom, on one occasion, he filmed an interview with Jawaharlal Nehru to prove to the US State Department that Nehru was not a Communist (1958). Several noted films blur the distinction between documentary and fiction narrative by introducing professional actors (e.g. A Tiny Thing Brings Death, documentary on malaria starring Sombhu Mitra). Some titles in the filmography, all documentaries, were probably only produced by Bilimoria. Also made numerous advertising films. Retired in 1987.

FILMOGRAPHY (* co-d Paul Zils): 1947: Congress Session 1947; 1948: Congress Session 1948; Mother/Child/Community?*; 1949: White Magic*; The Last Jewel*; Flying Goods Wagon; General Motors in India*; A Tiny Thing Brings Death*; 1954: Ujala*; 1956: Textiles; A Village in Travancore; Iron and Steel; 1957: The Land of Bengal; Fifty Miles from Poona*; 1958: The Vanishing Tribe*; Interview with Jawaharlal Nehru; 1960: Four Families; 1961: Rivers of Life/Jeevan? Ki Nadiyan; Coir Worker; New Marketplace; 1962: Comparative Religions; 1965: The Weavers; 1966: US Vice President Humphrey Visits India; 1967: The House that Ananda Built; 1968: Water; 1972: Last Raja; 1974: Look At Us Now; 1975: Women of India; 1976: A Small Family; There is Another Way; 1980: Warning Signal; 1982: The Ganga Bridge; People of India: The Anglo-Indians.

Documentary Producer Director