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     1'''Ezra Mir (1903-93)''' 
     4Hindi director born as Edwin Myers in Calcutta. 
     5Actor on the Madan stage (played Khusro in 
     6Noorjehan and later filmed the play) and in two 
     7silent Madan films (1922-3). Sailed to New York 
     8in 1924 and worked as extra in Rudolph 
     9Valentino’s A Sainted Devil (1924). Worked in 
     10editing and story departments of Universal 
     11(1925-7) and moved to United Artists (1927-9). 
     12Made short film, The Symbolesque. Returned in 
     131930 to Imperial and made Noorjehan (he had 
     14acted in a 1923 version). Moved to Sagar 
     15(1932-4) where he made e.g. the Zubeida film 
     16Zarina, adapting Niranjan Pal’s play, before 
     17returning to Madan (1935). Their Kajjan starrers 
     18helped delay the studio’s demise. After a 
     19European voyage, he went to Bombay to make 
     20the Kidar Sharma-scripted Rickshawala for 
     21Ranjit Studio. Set up Everest Pics in 1939 
     22(Sitara). During the war, inspired by the 
     23March of Time series, turned to documentary: 
     24Road to Victory used newsreel material lent by 
     25Universal and 20th Century-Fox. Joined the 
     26Film Advisory Board (1940-1) and produced 
     27over 175 films for its successor Information 
     28Films of India 1942-6. Took over Films 
     29Division in 1956 and was chief producer until 
     301961, moulding that institution into its current 
     31shape. Also ran the CFS (1962-4). 
     34'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1929: The Symbolesque (Sh) 
     35(St); 1931: Noorjehan; 1932: Zarina; 1933: 
     36Premi Pagal; 1934: Farzande Hind; 1935: 
     37Mera Pyara; Rashida; 1936: Parivartan; 
     38Shaitan Ka Pash; Jeevan Sangram; Rajdulari; 
     391938: Rickshawala; 1939: Sitara; Road to 
     40Victory (Doc); 1941: Voice of Satan (Sh);  
     411942:Whispering Legend (Doc); 1947: Beete Din; 
     421954: Pamposh; 1958: Do You Know? (Doc); 
     431964: Raju Aur Gangaram.