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Era Bator Sur

1955 ?’ b&w Assamese d/s/lyr/m Bhupen Hazarika c Anil Gupta lp Phani Sarma, Bishnu Rabha, Bijoy Shankar, Tasadduf Yusuf, Anil Das, Preetidhara, Chhaya Devi, Eva Achaw, Rebecca Achaw, Balraj Sahni

Hazarika’s debut as director tells of Jayanta (Shankar), a researcher into folk art and music who meets a young flautist (Das) in an Assamese tea garden. They fall in love with the same woman (Preetidhara), but the researcher withdraws, saying that he is expendable whereas the ‘young man’s flute must not be silenced’. Eva Achaw played the owner of the tea garden. Most of the film features the cultural traditions of the labourers in Assam’s famous tea gardens and their celebrated folk music.