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En Uyir Thozhan

1989 150’ (121’) col/scope Tamil d/sc Bharthirajaa pc B.R. Art Films p P. Jayaraj, S.P. Sivamani st P. Kalaimani c/dial B. Kannan co-lyr Gangai Amaran co-lyr/m Ilaiyaraja lp Babu, Ramesh, Rama, Vadivukkarasi, Ranjan, Charlie, MLA Murugesh, Senapati, Ranganath, Jayapal, Sundaramurthy, Muthukumar, Master Prabhu, Satya, Srilatha, Ramila, Kunjaramma, Vijayapriya, Rajathi, Premalatha, Thenmozhi

A film blaming professional politicians for exploiting their well-meaning and dedicated party activists and officials. A party activist from the slums, Dharman (Babu), uncritically devoted to his leader, shelters a young girl, Chittu (Roma) who was jilted by her lover Thennavan (Ramesh). The two fall in love and, come election time, Dharman is assigned to work for the area’s party candidate Ponnambalam (Ranjan). In a bid to win the voters’ sympathy, the party boss and Ponnambalam have Dharman assassinated, blaming the murder on their political opponents. The ruse is successful and after the elections have been won, the party boss stages an elaborate public tribute to the faithful Dharman. The strident, fake-documentary effects further emphasise the film’s commentary on contemporary Tamil politics.