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    99equipment and stayed for 17 years making 
    1010several major Tamil films, starting with Sati 
    11 Leelavathi, based on S.S. Vasan’s novel and 
    12 introducing MGR. M.L. Tandon, who had 
     11Leelavathi, based on [[S.S. Vasan]]’s novel and 
     12introducing [[MGR]]. M.L. Tandon, who had 
    1313earlier met Duncan at UCLA, got him to direct 
    14 films. Iru Sahodarargal, also with MGR, 
     14films. [[Iru Sahodarargal]], also with MGR, 
    1515made him the top director of a nascent Tamil 
    1616film industry, also editing his own work and 
    1818plot, which was perhaps his most influential 
    1919contribution. A series of hits followed: 
    20 Ambikapathy with M.K. Thyagaraja 
    21 Bhagavathar at Salem Shankar Films; 
    22 Shakuntalai and the memorable Meera with 
     20[[Ambikapathy]] with [[M.K. Thyagaraja 
     21Bhagavathar]] at Salem Shankar Films; 
     22Shakuntalai and the memorable [[Meera]] with 
    2323the singer M.S. Subbulakshmi at 
    2424Chandraprabha Cinetone. Best-known work at 
    25 Modern Theatres: Ponmudi and the seminal 
     25[[Modern Theatres]]: [[Ponmudi]] and the seminal 
    2626MGR hit Manthiri Kumari (which was 
    27 completed by T.R. Sundaram). Although 
     27completed by [[T.R. Sundaram]]). Although 
    2828Duncan did not know Tamil (his interpreters 
    2929were known as ‘ rush directors’), his work is 
    3030remembered for its emphasis on Tamil 
    31 dialogue: the famed scenarist Elangovan 
    32 débuted in his Ambikapathy while Ponmudi 
    33 remains one of the poet Bharatidasan’s bestknown 
    34 scripts; Manthiri Kumari was 
    35 Karunanidhi’s first major literary contribution 
     31dialogue: the famed scenarist [[Elangovan]] 
     32débuted in his Ambikapathy while [[Ponmudi]] 
     33remains one of the poet [[Bharatidasan]]’s bestknown 
     34scripts; [[Manthiri Kumari]] was 
     35[[Karunanidhi]]’s first major literary contribution 
    3636to cinema. Duncan worked with well-known 
    3737actor-singers such as G.N. Balasubramanyam,