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Ek Din Achanak

aka Suddenly One Day 1988 105’ col Hindi d/sc Mrinal Sen pc NFDC, Doordarshan st Ramapada Choudhury c K.K. Mahajan m Jyotishka Dasgupta lp Shriram Lagoo, Uttara Baokar, Shabana Azmi, Aparna Sen, Roopa Ganguly, Anjan Chakraborty, Anil Chatterjee, Manohar Singh, Lily Chakraborty, Anjan Dutt

Closely echoing the plot of Kharij (1982), Sen tells of a retired professor (Lagoo) who suddenly disappears. His wife, children and friends start to worry when he does not return and wait months for him. Their memories, as each tries to reconstruct their view of the man, provide the film with a patchwork of fragments building into a composite but never quite coherent picture of the professor. Some critics saw it as Sen’s most autobiographical film.