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East India Film Company

Est: 1932 in Calcutta. One of the first sound studios in Bengal, set up with RCA-Photophone equipment and Mitchell cameras. Owned by B.L. Khemka. Bengali productions include films by Tulsi Lahiri (Jamuna Puliney, 1933), Naresh Mitra’s Sabitri (1933), [[Dhiren Ganguly]] (Bidrohi, 1935) and Debaki Bose (Sonar Sansar, 1936). Most prominent inhouse director was Hindi film-maker [[A.R. Kardar]] (1933-6). The studio branched out into Tamil (e.g. K. Subramanyam’s Bhakta Kuchela, 1936) and Telugu films (e.g. Pullaiah?’s Savithri?, 1933). Until the mid-40s it was the only fully equipped sound studio available to Tamil film-makers and was a major reason for numerous Bengali film technicians, particularly cameramen (best known: Jiten Bannerjee) working in the South, a tradition later continued by Gemini Studios.

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