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Duranir Rong

1979 177’ b&w Assamese d/p/s Johns Moholia pc Nabarun Film, Tezpur lyr Bankim Sharma, Rubi Singha, Gholam Samdani c Jaykrishna Patra, Indukalpa Hazarika m Ajit Singha lp Nipon Goswami, Purnima Pathak, Tasadduf Yusuf, Rupjyoti Das, Chandradhar Goswami, Biju Phukan, Reeta Moholia, Junu Barua, Chetana Das, Nirode Choudhury, Prafulla Barua

Ashim Datta, hired as an assistant manager in a mill, finds himself faced with a corrupt manager and an irresponsible staff. In an attempt to right things, he sacks a female employee, Juri Barua, for having lost an important file which, it turns out, had been destroyed by another staffer, Sunita. Attempting to right things, Ashim discovers that Juri has a personal/sexual relationship with the manager, knowledge which leads to him being charged with the manager’s death. Later when Juri learns of all that has happened, she searches for Ashim in an effort to apologise, but finds him dead in a hospital. Technically sound attempt at a commercial film by a director trained at the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune.