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aka Vision 1990 171’ col Hindi d/co-s/c Govind Nihalani pc Udbhav co-s Shashi Deshpande m Kishori Amonkar lp Shekhar Kapur, Dimple Kapadia, Mita Vasisth, Vijay Kashyap, Irfan

Marital melodrama informally adapting Ingmar Bergman’s Scener ur ett Aktenskap (Scenes from a Marriage, 1974). Sandhya (Dimple), employed by a children’s publisher, and her husband Nikhil (Shekhar Kapur), a research scientist, celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary. Sandhya feels attracted to the singer Rahul. Nikhil has an affair with Vrinda (Mita Vasisth) and, amid some unexpressed doubt about whose child the pregnant Sandhya is bearing, the couple agree to a divorce. A year later, when Nikhil’s affair with Vrinda is over, the couple meet again and Sandhya convinces Nikhil that her aborted child was his. This is the first of several theatre-derived dialogue movies Nihalani made after Party (1984). Nihalani says the film is constructed in eleven movements, each signalled by a song by its composer, the noted Jaipur gharana Khayal singer Kishori Amonkar.