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Doorathu Idhi Muzhakkam

aka Faraway Thunder 1980 125’ col Tamil d/p K. Vijayan pc Jai Sudha Films s Somasoodan c N. Balakrishnan m Salil Choudhury lp Poornima, Vijayakant, Peelisivam, A.K. Veeraswamy, Jagadeesan

A village melodrama about a fisherman, Ponnan (Vijayakant), believed lost at sea whose girlfriend Chelli (Poornima) marries a relative, Mari (Peelisivam), and has a child. Assuming she had been unfaithful, Mari and a nasty magician plan to sacrifice the child ritually to obtain wealth. Ponnan resurfaces and saves the child but both the men in Chelli’s life die, leaving her to sail off into the sunset with her baby. The film introduced future star Vijayakant.