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Dinkar D. Patil

Dinkar D. Patil (Marathi: दिनकर द. पाटील) (1915–2005) was a prominent Marathi film director, scriptwriter, and dialogue writer during the Golden Era (1950–1990) of the Marathi Film Industry. He directed, wrote scripts and dialogue for more than 60 Marathi films. He also directed two Hindi Films-Mandir and Gharbar. He wrote his famous autobiography titled as Patlache Por.

Dinkar Patil was born in a reputed Maratha Patil family on 6 November 1915. His Birthplace is a small but renowned village Benadi near Kolhapur. From his childhood he was interested in Marathi stage shows, Marathi plays and cinema. He studied in Kolhapur and completed his B.A. in Literature from Rajaram College in Kolhapur. He was the Editor of college magazine " The Rajaramian". He also used to write article in famous magazine of Kirloskar's.

Dinkar Patil had an illustrious career as a filmmaker for almost five decades from the 1950s to the 1990s. He started his film career doing assistant job in the Maharashtra Film Company owned by Baburao Painter at Kolhapur, and eventually became an assistant director to Master Vinayak and later transitioned into a film director. He directed and wrote scripts for more than 60 Marathi films. He was one of the early filmmakers to realize the importance of the film medium as an instrument of social change and used it successfully to advocate socialism from his films.[2] Dinkar Patil was a veteran script, dialogue writer and director of Marathi films during Golden era of Marathi cinema. His films depicting rural life with rural themes, he was considered an authority in both script writing and also directing. The script and dialogue of Marathi film with rural theme Jay Malhar were written by Dinkar Patil who later continued in the industry for more than 40 years. He wrote script and dialogue for 62 films and directed 35 films including two Hindi films, Mandir and Gharbar. He received a number of film awards including the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award.[1] Dinkar Patil introduced Marathi Lavani folk dance in his films, which made his films more popular. He was closely related to Jayaprabha and Shalini Studio in Kolhapur. Also, he made valuable efforts in establishing Marathi Film City - Chitranagari in Kolhapur.