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Diler Daku

1957 ?’ b&w Hindi d Noshir Engineer pc Basant Pics s Boman Shroff co-dial/lyr Chand Pandit co-dial Pritam Dehlvi c Anant Wadadekar m Shafi M. Nagri lp Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Samar Roy, Chanda, Boy Prithvi, Julian Gaikwad, Hira Sawant, Sheikh, Kallu Ustad, Rajni, Sardar Mansoor, Boy Sikandar, S. Advani, Vijaya Choudhury, Baby Mangala, Abdulla, Yadav

Remake of the Wadia Bros’ 1931 debut feature which launched the stunt genre most closely associated with Wadia Movietone and its fearless female star. When the king is overthrown by his commander-in-chief and his minister, Princess Farida (Nadia) is rescued and raised by the old Chacha. Farida becomes an expert swordfighter and horsewoman. With the help of Kamran (Cawas), the minister’s good son, she retakes the palace and punishes the villains in hand-to-hand combat.