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Dhruva Charitra

ka Triumph of Devotion 1921 St c.4000 ft b&w d Eugenio De Liguoro pc Madan Theatres s Tulsidutt Shaida lp Patience Cooper, Master Mohan, Signora

Dorros, James Magarth, Master Manila!, Dadabhai Sarkari, Aga Hashr Kashmiri, Mrs Manelli, P. Manelli, M:~ster Surajram, Khorshedji Bilimoria, jashodha Singh, Cawasji Golla, Isaac Simon, Ardeshir Sanjana, Mr Palwan, Master Revla, Pestonji Madan

Mythological based on the Pauranic legend of the boy Dhmva whose quest for eternal salvation was rewarded when he became the brightest star in the heavens (the pole star is know:-~ as the Dhruvatara). As part of Madan's bid for an international breakthrough (cf NaTa? Damayanti, 1920, also by De Liguoro), the cast featured many Europeans with Cooper in the lead as Suniti. The Times ofIndia (11 June 1921) noted that it offered 'directions in which a greater appeal may be made to the Westernised mind in trying to picture modern India.' The playwright Aga Hashr Kashmiri, then a Madan employee, played a small role (Dharmadev) and may have written some of the script, uncredited. The Indian version was successful but the film became better known in a shorter version adapted for Europe.